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Why would I want to put a tile roof on my home?

  • Not only are tile roos appreciated for the beauty and sense of permanence they bestow on a home, they also tend to insulate better than other roofs.

Can my home support the weight of a tile roof?

  • Nearly every tile manufacturer makes lightweight versions of their most popular standard weight (heavier) tiles. These light weight tiles are specifically targeted at the re-roof market, i.e. existing homes that generally were not constructed to support the heavier tiles.

What are the pros and cons for selecting a tile roof?

  • Pros:
    1. High Preceived Value: Most homebuyers prefer tile roofing because it has an aura of permanence. And it's true - a well installed tile roof will outlast most other types of roofing.

    2. Good Insulator: While both concrete and clay have more insulating value than asphalt, it is actually the air space between the tile and your roof deck (i.e. plywood) that is most responsible for greater insulation against hot and cold outside tempatures.

  • Cons:
    1. Weight: Although (from our experience) 99 out of 100 homes require little or no structural engineering, one home out of 100 is inadequately constructed and, thus, should not have a tile roof.

    2. Tree Debris: If your home is sitting under trees that drop lots of debris, then the debris will likely end up under the tiles and create problems.

"I love the new tile roof. It is a huge change from the comp."
Craig C. - San Jose

Completed Projects

Cupertino Malibu Tile Concrete Roof R E Roofing Roofer Campbell CA

Eaglelite Malibu Tile

Los Gatos Wood Shake Cedar Roofing Roof R E Campbell CA

Los Gatos
Hand-split Cedar Shake
Heavy 3/4"

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