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Why would I want to put a cedar roof on my home?

  • Many homes in northern California were originally built with a cedar roof installed over spaced sheeting. This natural and casual apperance is still considered by many to be extremely attractive.

Are their different qualities of cedar roofing?

  • Yes. Differences in thickness, anywhere from 1/2 inch to 2 inches or more, are certainly related to life expectancy. But more important than thickness are differences in grain, specifically what percentage of the material you purchase has vertical (edge) grain vs. what percentage has flat grain. Today, you find anywhere from 0% to 20% flat grain in each bundle. A flat grain shake is cut from the sapwood part of the tree - it splits more easily and is more easily damaged by UV rays, which tend to burn holes through these shakes in just a few years.

    You don’t want flat grain - You want “100% edge grain.”

What are the pros and cons for selecting a wood roof?

  • Pros:
    1. Superior venting: Cedar is generally installed over spaced sheeting, 1x4 or 1x6 boards running horizontally across the rafters with a 4-6” space between boards. This type of construction allows air to pass through the roof, so your attic(s) and other concealed air spaces can breathe. This helps prevent heat and moisture build-up.

    2. Good insulator: Wood has more insulating value than asphalt.

    3. Light weight: Cedar roofs weigh less than most other roofs.

  • Cons:
    1. Must Select Carefully: As stated above, there are varying qualities of cedar.

    2. Perceived Fire Danger: Although the cedar shake and shingle industry has done a very effective job addressing this issue (it can be argued that factory treatment cedar is just as fire safe as most other materials), there’s still a public perception that anything made from wood will burn.

    3. High price: Premium quality 100% edge grain cedar isn’t cheap - "ya gotta love it."

"The time you spent to help me understand the prcess exceeded my expectations."
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